Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Sticking with the Prepared Lesson

I'm teaching early morning Seminary this year and although I'm still writing, I think I'll include reflections of my class on this blog. Since seminary is a daily Bible study class, there may be more insight.

Today I prepared a class on the idea that we have each been called to a great work and that the purpose of our life is to find and fulfill it. I was pumped to get them motivated about their futures and feel empowered. Instead, we spent the entire time talking about the origin of the Book of Abraham, a subject I had only thought to touch on.

The thing is, I felt like we were focusing on the RIGHT thing, even though it wasn't at all what I had planned. As I was packing up, I sort of whined that we hadn't touched the planned topic and one of my wonderfully enthusiastic students made the comment that it was the best lesson because it was what they wanted to learn.

Not that as teacher we shouldn't prepare well, but the concept of customizing our study to the needs of the students surprised me. I hope for inspiration in the preparation and then wanted a tight, entertaining and inspirations production with interactive moments. When you've prepared well, it's sometimes even more difficult to put your prepared work aside to answer questions and go another direction. I'm glad I did and the other benefit is that I can use my planned remarks for tomorrow with very little preparation.