Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home

OK, so I understand the logic behind Nintendo's attempt not to over-hire for a temporary blip in production only to have to lay off employees once the market is saturated. It is also a brilliant marketing strategy to create a shortage of game systems to keep consumers hungry and willing to pay over $200 for something that is going to suck in at least twice that much in accessories and be a constant financial drain when you look at the price of games- not to mention the wasted hours of mind numbing, hypnotic, electronic-induced stupidity I will be training my children to become part of.

That said, I want one. My teenagers don't want anything else and will even settle for a raincheck, rather than have something other than a Wii under the tree on Christmas morning. I was determined not to give in but it would be a great way to spend the two weeks of vacation after Christmas since it will be raining the whole time (we are in Portland.) And, you know, the more I started looking for it, the more I fell victim to Nintendo's marketing ploy. I really want one.

So then I started looking on the computer and was amazed how plentiful they are if your want to pay twice the store price. Is anybody else angry with the hundreds of enterprising individuals who have bought extras so they could sell them for a profit on ebay or craig's list. Normally, I would shrug and say it is the American Way, but I find that now my emotions have seeped into the decision, my attitude is drifting towards thinking they are all scrooges who should be fined, forced to donate their profits to foster kids and forbidden from ever touching a Wii again. Jerks.

(I once read an article about women in politics written during the suffrage era. It said that women were so emotionally invested in their homes and children that they could never be impartial enough to be allowed to vote. Although I don't necessarily agree, on PMS-y days I can see the point.)

Well, tomorrow there are supposed to be 18 coming in on a truck at Game Stop. My son wants to camp out at 3am. When they are gone, we can pay the full price and come home with a piece of paper to put under the tree, promising that the next system to come on the truck (after the other 40 parents that did the same thing) will be ours. Just watch, it will come the same day Winter break is over- just my luck.


Marsha Ward said...

Hahaha! It's so fun to observe Wii-mania. I suppose I might be caught up in the same thing if I still had kids at home.

Good start to a blog, Christine. Keep it up. Make comments on other blogs. Have links to other blogs. Here's a start:

Marsha Ward
Writer in the Pines

Christine Thackeray said...

Man-oh-Manno, I have so much to learn about connecting things, my brain is reeling. Thank you for your comments. How do I set up links. I'll check it out tomorrow. I'm zonked.

Thanks again

Marsha Ward said...

I hope you got that Wii, Christine.

When you log in, you usually go directed to your blogger Dashboard. Click on "layout" and add a link feature to your sidebar, wherever you want it to appear. Then, as you collect links, add them. Go to other blogs you like, make a comment, and ask to be added to their links. Or, you can wait and see if they trace you back via your profile and add you. That takes much more time, and is chancy. When you are at other blogs, click on some of their links and see if you like those blogs and want to add them/be added.

It's simple, really. NOT! But worth it.