Friday, May 2, 2008

My First Book Signing

Tonight was my first book signing. I have heard about these experiences where you sit at a desk with people who try to avoid eye contact and don't want to talk to you- and frankly, worried about living through it. Like a true chicken, I forced my fifth grade daughter to accompany me for moral support. (I told her it would be a memorable, once in a lifetime experience.)

In our town tonight it was also the "Art Walk." All of the downtown businesses displayed children's artwork and the eager parents rushed from store to store looking for their child's masterpiece. It felt a little like "Where's Waldo." Each store invites local talent to entertain and it's a great community event. So the little bookstore in town said I could come for a book signing. I set up my table with my poster, bookmarkers, framed newspaper article and reviews, and fresh flowers. I've heard from trusted sources that chocolate is a necessity and I had a little candy dish out, too.

Armed and ready, I sat for only a few seconds before a woman walked up to me, staring in my direction with a quizzical expression on her face. I thought she was interested and immediately began telling her about my story when she pointed behind me and asked me to move. Apparently I was placed right in front of the children's art display and I definitely make a better door than window, if you know what I mean.

I moved my chair to the side of the table and spent a wonderful night, complimenting many children artists and telling their mothers about my story. I sold three books but talked with many more incredible people. It was a great night. So maybe book signings aren't so bad, as long as I have a draw like the awesome pictures behind me. At least it let me dream of the day when my book is the draw instead of the alien spitting green acid or Skylar's fabulous snowman, reindeer and dog.

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