Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Secret Room

Yesterday we were doing work around the house. Greg had decided to put a counter in the laundry room for folding. He asked my nine year old son to climb into the crawl space to find a joist. While he was there he said to his father that he could see a doorway leading somewhere. The crawl space is half size- you literally have to crawl. Well, he went through it and there was a light.

In the eave of the roof the original owners had finished out a little secret room. It was sheet rocked and the floor was carpeted. The children were allowed to color all over the walls. We looked at their hand prints and pictures, delighted. So the children grabbed markers and are adding to the fun.

They've put a TV up there and sleeping bags. What a fun surprise that we had never even considered.

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Kari Pike said...

That is so much fun! My kids would love that! We do have a little attic room in which they have occasionally taken refuge, but the older siblings have left so many "memory" boxes, it is getting rather full.