Monday, April 20, 2009

Off to Conference

The day after tomorrow I jump in the car and head off to the LDStorymakers Conference at the Marriott in Provo. Last year was my first attending, and it was a fabulous experience. I went with a friend but still felt nervous, not knowing what to expect.

Ths year the nerves are back but for a completely different reason. I'm doing a face to face pitch and perhaps a face to face rejection. It is anxiety-causing to say the least. The good part is that my two partners in rhyme- or at least in prose- are coming along. Both Julia Wagner and Donna Fuller and coming along and doing pitches of their own so we can all be shaking in our boots together.

There is much I'm looking forward to as well. The grammar class alone will be worth the trip. Boot camp will feature specific authors, and I'm really struggling between two-- and I can't switch back and forth. Lastly, simply seeing in person the many friends I've made both through LDStorymakers and ANWA will be a great treat.

So I better roll up my sleeves so I leave a happy famly behind. Dishes, ho!

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