Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mother of A Stripling Warrior

By Del Parson. See here.

During a lesson about Motherhood, a woman in my ward said that as a recent convert, she took such hope from the mothers of the stripling warriors. Since she wasn't raised in the church, she was plagued with a feeling that she wasn't doing 'it' right. There were so many things that seemed ingrained from generations in the church that she worried her sons wouldn't go on mission and would struggle because she didn't know the primary songs and wasn't sure what a normal FHE looked like. But when she read about the mothers of the stripling warriors, she had hope because they were all first generation members and look what they did. Their sons were valiant and true and hers could be too. (From Alma 57: 21)

Mother of Stripling Warriors- Motherhood

My people hated the ‘Mormons.’ We had heard many things about their strange ways ever since I was young. When I first heard that Ammon had converted the king, I wasn’t surprised because the truth was he was never very bright. I mean, miracles are nothing more than magic tricks. But when my own husband asked me to listen to this fair-skinned child from the north, I was at first disgusted. Still, I agreed to keep the peace.
He came into our home wearing strange clothes and with his hair cut short. The first thing he told me was that the Great Spirit who I had been taught about was actually a loving Father and that his Son would soon come down among us, perhaps during the lives of my children or grandchildren. His words made me quake from the center of my being, and I felt certain what he was saying was true. I was amazed. This man was sent to teach me that what I did mattered and that my children had a great work to do.
From that day on, I gathered my boys around me every night, and we prayed together. I told them of what I knew and whenever I learned something, I’d share it with them right away, whether we were cleaning, working or just playing. If we had questions, we discussed them together. I encouraged them to read the scriptures and gain their own witness. Even when my husband was killed by persecutors of the truth, I begged them to turn their grief away from anger to hope in Christ and a glorious life yet to come.
The persecution increased and after a time we moved north near the other believers. In that place of safety it was tempting to slack off from teaching my children. But something in me knew I must continue our tradition of daily family prayer and scripture study. Finally, when my boys were in their late teens, their call came. Helamen asked for their help in fighting and they were ready. I’ve been told that without their righteousness and strength, the faithful may have been utterly destroyed.

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