Friday, November 6, 2009

Off to Israel

I'm going to Israel tomorrow!!!!
Our flight leaves at 7 am and we don't officially arrive until the next day. Yes, we will be travelling for like 24 hours.

Okay, I should be packing right now.
No, I should be editting "Lipstick Wars" because I wanted to leave with it finished.
No, I should be shopping to fill the cupboards for the kids while I'm gone.
Or maybe cleaning so I don't leave them with a mess.

Either way, I've got to run but I did want to tell you that I'm hoping to give you a blow by blow of the trip. Taking pictures. Doing the whole thing. So keep your eyes out. I still can't accept it's real, ya know?

See you in ten days.


Laurie LC Lewis said...

So exciting, Christine! Wow! What an adventure! I'm looking forward to reading your posts about the trip!

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