Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Parable of the Bad Housekeeper

In Matthew 12 there is a little known parable about a man with an unclean spirit. Well, given literary license I changed it to a woman and finished the story. Here is how it goes.

Once there was a woman who had an unclean spirit and her house was always dirty because of it. It was the spirit of shopping and would take over her at the most inopportune times. She couldn't pass a sale without getting something and spent hours at the mall. Every closet was overflowing and her checkbook was destitute because of it. Finally, when she was at her wits end, she cast the evil spirit from her and vowed to never let it in again.

Now her house was "empty, clean and garnished", but it was also BORING! She had hours with nothing to do. As a result, one day she turned on her computer and invited in the unclean spirit of facebook. It kept her content for hours while her children whined about what was for dinner and her husband begged her for clean clothes. The food problem was solved by the unclean spirit of fast food, which was accompanied by the unclean spirit of videos at the convenient little red box, while she was there. Before the texting spirit joined them, closely connected to the twitter spirit. At this point the woman's state was worse than she was at the first. (That's the end of the parable.)

In my story the poor woman decides to invite a simple, clean spirit in to keep her company. It is the spirit of scripture reading which pushed out the reality TV spirit. Then she brought in the food planning spirit which starved out the fast food spirit. One by one she added good spirits and filled her life with so much good, there was no room for the bad.

I suppose that is why we need to be anxiously engaged in a good caused because otherwise we'll just get in trouble.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What are You Saying?

Due to the hard work of Rebecca Talley and a slue of other authors at Cedar Fort, we've started a new blog. Today was my day and I introduced myself- going on far too long. Oh well. If you want to check it out its called The Writer's Fortress.

I also blog on ANWA every other Saturday. I thought I was sooo clever because I asked for the alternate Saturday so I'd blog every Friday night, switching from one to the other. Well, so like me I got the dates mixed up and now do them both on the same Saturday. There I talked about rejection. I seem to be a real expert on that subject lately. Here is the ANWA blog.

Have a great day. Now I'm going to plant the flowers I bought two weeks ago and have been eking onto life, waiting for me to get in gear. See ya!