Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Best Review of All

You know what I love about family? They tell you how it really is- at least mine does. Often their brutal honesty is overwhelming, but even more often it is absolutely correct.

So imagine my joy when I received the following email from my sister today after they read my latest book "Lipstick Wars." I think it is the best review I've ever had.


OK, we just loved it. Your book, we loved it. I read it to Laura and Kerry all the way home and then talked about it for a couple of hours. It was the first fiction book Kerry had listened to for years, and he really got into the characters. We enjoyed the questions at the end to stimulate more thought. We were trying to sympathize with Helen, but found it very difficult. I felt for her because she was just trying to protect her biggest investment, but Dad made the observation that because she was still vindictive even after she thought she would get the park, that she was evil, not just protective.

We were frustrated sometimes with the way Eden perceived some conversations (like the one with her mother when her mother openned up to her. Eden took everything so personally rather than seeing things from others perspective) But I guess that was her problem, because she felt so alone, with no support and no childhood experience to help her feel like she could really do this. I would hope that no one, in any ward would ever go 3 years with only 2 visiting teaching visits. Wouldn't that be sad.

I loved the character of Roy, I loved the nerd party, I loved the rich eccentric and found the paintings clever. I loved the way people fixed up her house and how she saw the love of so many in each repair. And I loved thinking about the smile on your face when you wrote the scene when Helen is told that the mansion was going to be turned into a homeless shelter. I bet you really loved that.

Thanks for sharing your talents. I have passed it on to Emily, then Jana, then ....

Love you,
Hope your back is feeling better,



Jolene said...

I think it's awesome that the family's opinion still matters most.

Pendragon said...

the more i read the feedback from this story, the more it makes me snicker. "Lipstick Wars"? Sounds awesome. LOL