Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend and Gooping Out.

Get ready to be grossed out.

So this weekend we had planned on taking the family out to my brother-in-laws house but last minute it didn't work out. So then we planned on going to my sister-in-laws in Seattle but that didn't work out. Finally, at the last minute we descended on Greg's parents about a six hour drive south just over the Oregon border in the small community of Etna, CA.

It was an incredible time of beautiful mountain landscapes and lazy afternoons. Meals were simple and everyone was polite and helpful, trying to make a good impression for Grandma and Grandpa. The last meal on Sunday we had rerun hamburgers and hopped in the car.

I'd been fighting off a cold and was apparently losing the battle when my stomach began doing flip flops. Whether it was food poisoning, part of the virus or car sickness, it was not good. Add to that, the faucet in my nose suddenly seemed to be turned full bore and then my monthly visitor hit at the same time.

We got home hours before my husband had to leave on the airplane and I could barely lift my head off the pillow AND the next day was the first day of school. All my dreams of having the house perfectly clean with a great breakfast were thrown away with my hundreds of used tissues. Not good.

The good news is that everyone did get to school on time and I can tell I'm recovering. I don't sound like a 80 year old man who sings bass anymore, more like a 60 year old baritone. Here's for improvement.

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