Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Will Be My Mother

Wow. I 've got to say that I LOVE Sister Beck! If you haven't seen her talk from the General RS Broadcast go do it with a box of kleenex (unless you're Sonja- she never cries.)

She spoke of many things but the one that got me was when her parents were called on a mission. She was a young mother and it was before email. She asked, "Who will be my mother?" And her mother answered, "The Relief Society."

As I was retelling the story to my husband, he said, "That's a crock." (He said that because I've had some hurtful experiences in RS years ago.) But I shook my head and had to disagree. Although there may be some individuals who don't get it, the concept of Relief Society is that we are bound together by a force greater than our own personal preferences like motherhood. We serve with an eye of what is best for our fellow sisters, not simply what they would want or is popular like motherhood. We love each other unconditionally and continue to reach out even when pushed away like motherhood.

I'm still getting used to my new ward. I know like 10% of the sisters in R.S. What's funny is I know most of the YW leadership and the Primary. But that just means I've got my work cut out for me. I'm determined to do better and really be a part of their lives.

Now that my mother is no longer on this side of the veil (I'm still too young to be an orphan), perhaps this has more meaning. Or perhaps I just finally understand it more.

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