Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where Have I Been and Angels

Wow, it's been a while since I was here. A lot has happened. My son is back from Tennessee, and it is so great to have him here that I could sing. He also loves to write and always has two or three amazing story ideas.

Last weekend I went to Texas and had a wonderful time seeing my seven sisters. Everyone of them is a treasure, and it was an incredible weekend. One of the things we did was to share something with each other, and I wrote the following little poem. I don't usually write poetry but I've been happy with this one, hammering it out in the middle seat of the airplane, squeezed between two complete strangers. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think.

Could you be an Angel?

One night I was sleeping. It’d been a good day.
The laundry was done and all put away.
The kitchen was spotless; the floor shined like new.
Tomorrow I hoped there’d be little to do.

Suddenly in the dark folds of night
My dreaming was shattered by an angel of light.
His stark white robes glistened. I shielded my eyes.
He cleared his throat and said. “I apologize

“Your neighborhood angel, a Gladys by name,
Is truly the heavenly being to blame.
You see, for the last two thousand years
She’s struggled to comfort- allay people’s fears.

“Her hours are frightful; her job’s never done.
She’s not had a single break. Now she wants one.
With the world so full of sadness and crime
All guardian angels must work overtime.

“One of them noticed that you might be free.
I know it’s unorthodox, but might you be?”
“You can’t mean it,” I gasped, but his eyes filled with sorrow.
“Please, can’t you be an angel tomorrow?

“It’s just for one day, see I have here a list.”
I frowned at the thick scroll he held in his fist.
“Alright.” I took it. “I’ll do your bidding.”
Then I read the long page and laughed. “Are you kidding?

“Look at this stuff. There’s no earthly way
That I can get it all done in one day.”
But my words simply echoed, the angel was gone.
In the window I saw the pink touch of dawn.

I rushed to the shower, the room filled with steam.
I almost convinced myself it was a dream.
Like a typical morning I got the kids up
Made breakfast, signed notebooks and let out the pup,

Kissed my husband goodbye, got the kids on the bus
Walked past the counter and there the scroll was.
It glowed with a light I could not ignore,
With a quick huff I grabbed it and shot out the door.

I walked down twelve houses, hit the doorbell and ran.
From the front I heard shouting, “We slept in again!
You can make it to work if you get up this minute?”
Four bells later I was back at my car and got in it.

I drove a few blocks and screeched to a halt.
Then I called to the man there, “It’s not your fault!”
I parked in the lot and raced to the corner
And got there just in time to warn her,

“Hold your child’s hand tight.” A car swerved as it passed.
But we were all safe so again off I dashed.
I rushed around whispering, hugging and warning
Wondering why I had said ‘yes’ this morning.

At the end of the day I came home exhausted.
When by my family I was accosted.
“Honey, I don’t really mean to be rude.
But what is for dinner?” I suggested fast food.

I ordered, then noticed a mom with a mob
Of young screaming children. “You do a great job.”
She stared at me blankly as I took my place
Then a great grin exploded across her whole face.

When at last I collapsed in my bed close to one
Knowing full well that the list was all done
I expected some trumpets or heavenly choir
But I was out cold before it could transpire.

The next morning I waited when the family had gone
Thinking I’d hear something about what I’d done.
In the silence I decided to make my own list
Of all I had to do but I added a twist.

Not only was shopping and cleaning all there,
But I added a few things I thought of with prayer.
I’d drop by two friends I’d not seen in a while,
Share cookies, a compliment or simply a smile.

Two week later I’d forgotten my angelic visit.
Life had moved on, and time had moved with it.
Although we faced challenges, something had shifted.
Amid all the craziness, I felt uplifted.

As I snuggled in bed and closed my eyes tight,
I was once again shocked by an angel of light.
Only this one was Gladys, of that I was sure.
The angel I covered for two weeks before.

Her face glowed with joy. “So you are the one
Who came to my rescue when I was undone.
But that is not why I’m here,” she said glowing.
“I’m so very grateful you kept right on going.”

“Serving and loving and watching for need.
The difference you’ve made is great indeed.”
“Actually,” I smiled, “it’s been easy of late
To serve a bit more because life has been great.”

“Perhaps,” Gladys said, “with all you’ve been doing,
Helping us angels in what we’re pursuing,
I’ve had much more time- there’s been less to do.
And I’ve used all those moments I had helping you.”


ACS said...

Beautiful!! *applauds*

Anonymous said...

I meant to leave a comment on the ANWA thread, but I'll just leave it here. I love your poem and how you were able to use it to remind me of important things. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work!


La Mujer Loca said...

What a great message--one we all need to internalize.

Shauna said...

Goosebumps. Wonderful. Do you mind if I print and frame it?