Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sorry, I'm BIAM-ing

I started on "A Crown of Sand" and after a shaky beginning I sat back and had to scream to the enpty room around me, "This is good!!!" With our beautiful exchange student here for the month and trying to crank out a quota of words each day, there hasn't been anything left for laundry, dishes, cooking or blogging.

After two days at cub camp Monday and Tuesday, we are off on a two week exodus from Portland to northern Utah via Disneyland. I know looking at a map it doesn't seem on the way but I can't wait to visit Robin and simply enjoy the So. Cal sun.

I'll get back the end of July. Hopefully, I'll share pictures then. For now, I'm rolling up my sleeves and diving into my house with a shovel. Have a great summer!!!

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