Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unnamed Women of the Scriptures

So I've been preparing a program for Enrichment on the unnamed Women of the Scriptures and thought I'd post each one for you.

The first is the wife of Nephi. (1 Nephi 7, 16, 18)

My name is never mentioned in the Book of Mormon, but I was the daughter of Ishmael and wife of Nephi. I’d like to say that I didn’t know what I was getting into when I married him but from the beginning it was one challenge after another.

He came to Jerusalem and told my father of the visions of his father Lehi. His strong testimony convinced my mother and I right away that our great city would be destroyed and that the Lord had a plan for us. Soon after we left, a few of my brothers, along with Laman and Lemuel rebelled. They tied up Nephi and wanted to leave him behind to be devoured by beasts.

My mother and I with one of my brothers begged for his release. We knew they might attack us as well but we knew even more that we were following the Lord. Our pleas are what finally softened their hearts to release him.

Soon after we were married, Nephi broke his bow and we nearly starved. I struggled with my testimony but watched my husband stay faithful through the entire experience. On the boat, Nephi’s brothers rebelled again and tied him up. A great storm nearly killed us and I plead before them but they would not listen. All I could do was pray below deck as I huddled with my sick children and tried to comfort his parents who almost died through this trial.

From the moment we landed, Nephi led the people to build a city, only to leave it and build another. He was gone from dawn until dark working or writing records. Often I was left alone to make up the difference. At times when he was so busy, it was hard- as hard as going without food- and I must admit that I struggled. But I knew he was called of the Lord and stayed faithful by his side all my days.

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