Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tax Hell and Still Writing

So this week we were audited and I spent 5 hours on the phone to speak to the IRS only to freeze when I finally got in front of the person that had changed our refund amount. I heard her reasoning, which seemed sound, then as soon as I hung up, I was like- hey! we did spend that much on education. So I've got to get back on the horn and work it out today. Cross fingers. Yesterday was a fabulous writing day. Herod got attacked by robbers and is going to Strato Tower, which will be the future location of his great city of white. Cool kajool! So Greg, my hubby, thinks I should pitch it where it is to CFI and see if they are interested, giving them time to do marketing BEFORE the edit. Then I'll know before its done whether to shop around. I think he's write. Anyway, my word count is 78315 and I still need to go back to Emmaus, down to Ashkelon by the sea, back to Marisa (herod's in time out), up to Damascus, back to Emmaus, Aristobulus's escape into Jerusalem, the seige during which we flip down to Ashkelon on last time, and then the final scene in Petra. Okay, this book has got to be at least 120,000. And with my chapter turns, its going to be SOMETHING. AND six more after that? Really? Maybe it won't sell.

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Saige said...

i googled you and your blog popped up!! that is pretty cool! I think I want to start a blog when I get married.