Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finding the Right Injury

You think it wouldn't be that hard but finding the right injury for the tutor in my book has been VERY challenging. Originally, I wanted him to hide his chest which had been scratched up and infected from being dragged by a rope. The only problem is that it would be his armpits not chest that would be rope burned- not working.

If he got dragged by his feet, then his back or face would be affected. Can you imagine his back? He'd have to lay on his stomach for recovery, ending all facial expressions and eye contact. Urgh. So I read about gut wounds and found that if he was struck by an arrow in the gut and it didn't puncture his intestines or stomach that it wouldn't even bleed that much. Look at this kitten! They pulled out the arrow and it recovered without any other problem.

PERFECT!! Only problem is that I already wrote five chapters with the other injury. So I'm rolling up my sleeves and rewriting today.

Word Count: 91,210

Will I finish anytime soon? Probably 30,000 more words to go.

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