Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day

In Portland it rarely snows and so most of the towns don't invest in plows at all. As a result when it does snow, everything shuts down until it melts.

Last night as we came home from Tithing Settlement on icy roads we were pretty certain that today would be an unexpected winter vacation and it was- A Snow Day!!! The children were up at the break of dawn without a single complaint. I think they were attempting to even the scales by trying to yank me out of bed unwillingly earlier than I was planning on.

The time has been swallowed up with playing and singing Christmas Carols, straightening rooms, finishing homework and playing video games. But the weather didn't warm up and so nothing melted. The snow is still here and may be for the rest of the week. We just got a call that tomorrow will be off as well.

I'm excited but I think it's got to be a little more planned because as their freedom waned it got grumpy. All of us do better with a schedule and some goal to accomplish. So tomorrow we'll have to do something wonderful- I've got it. Christmas Cards!

It will be a great day.

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La Mujer Loca said...

Love the snow we're getting all over the US. I LOVE SNOW! It's finally looking like Christmas around here. Hope yours is very merry.

Steph Anderson--ANWA Chick