Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Jail and Trying to Make Fun

With over a week of snow the fun of it is over. Unfortunately the snow isn't. All the children are bored. Normally my kids would be out making snow forts and having a great time but it isn't that type of snow. It's wet and slushy and most of it melts by the end of the day but then by morning we get a new supply.

Today the roads are not good so home is where we stay. I've got to pull it together and make this day a treat but everyday has been a treat and we're getting sick of just watching movies and eating Christmas cookies.

When I was on my mission there was a woman who invited us to dinner on a Wednesday. Now Wednesdays were bread pudding day at the local bakeries where they would take all the pastries they hadn't sold, chop them up and mix them with eggs, cream and sugar and then bake it. It was delicious but depending on the day you would get a smaller piece or a huge one, depending on how many left overs they had. Well, this day we had a HUGE piece and then headed over to this dinner appointment.

The woman had prepared an impressive spread but everything on the table was sweet. She thought it would be a treat to have a meal of desserts. I remember eating barely enough to seem polite and leaving with a craving for protein. I think that's how my children are feeling right now. Too much fun. We need to do something. We need to accomplish something we can be proud of.

So Greg is out slipping around on the unsafe roads and is going to pick up paint and brushes and we are finally going to work on the secret room. Yeah!

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Monique said...

Ha ha Christine I've been blogging about the same thing. There is only so much baking you can do before the kids are completely sick of it. We turned to sledding and going for walks but that is getting old now too. We've made snow men and now I'm considering dragging out all my craft supplies. We still have another week of snow to go up here!