Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Finished- Sort of

The writing process is an interesting one. It begins with an idea. Sometimes it's an experience from my childhood or a great piece of gossip. Sometimes it's a strange character that makes me laugh or something I've read the I don't agree with and want to change. With any luck that idea then expands into a story arc.

Once the concept of the story is solidified, I begin writing. The dishes pile up, the laundry barely gets done and I write. Necessities are still taken care of, children are hugged and fed but everything else must wait while the story emerges.

When the last word is written, there is a huge feeling of success. That happened this morning for me. I finished my manuscript "An Angel In the Family." I did my happy dance and emailed out the draft to six of my closest friends and now, I've just begun.

The truth is, I have finished very little. I've only begun the editting process. Then I have to try to sell it to a publisher, and it goes through another edit, and then I try to breath life into the market by begging for reviews, blogging about it and telling everyone that will listen what a great book it is.

But for today, I will pretend I've actually finished something. After all I wrote the words "The End"- Wa-Hoo!


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! I am trying to be a better blogging friend! Yay on the finished manuscript! I will gladly help with edits if you need. Can't wait to get Writing Group back on the road next week and to start my *new book* I told Paul about it last night and he seemed to really like the idea.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...


I just had to stop in and tell you that last night I went to the movie "Bedtime Stories" with my family. There's this one part where a character said about a lame bedtime story, "Where's the arc?" I laughed and thought of you---