Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years, State Borders and Oprah

Happy New Year!

The whole concept of new years, new months and new weeks was a gift set up by God when he created the earth. If it wasn't for God choosing the seventh day as the day of rest, each day would simply follow another in an endless string of the same existence. Instead, with each Sabbath we begin anew. With each month we have something to look forward to and with the new year many have great desires to try to make internal changes to our lives.

The interesting thing to me is these lines of "new" are much like borders on a map. I remember how disappointed I was when I crossed the border from Texas into New Mexico on my way to BYU the first time. All there was to make me aware of the change was a little sign I almost missed. The land didn't know it was a different state. We created that and it's a good thing we did. Can you imagine if the federal government had to run everything? Now, that would be scary.

Just like with the land, it is important that we break our time into pieces so that we can manage it better. It is important to celebrate holidays, to keep the Sabbath day special, and even when you don't want to, to at least set one new year's resolution.

Now, I've read so many snippets that pull away from setting resolutions because so often we don't reach them. But I believe there is benefit in the trying. I love the fact that Oprah Winfrey's size keeps changing, because she is a perfect example of the benefit of trying. When she works at it she gets there but once she stops, she falls back. So do I. I've had moments of focus where my house stays clean and my waistline decreases but as soon as I lose focus, it all falls apart.

So do I give up and let everything go? Nope, I set another resolution and for maybe this week I'll lose my holiday weight and be caught up on laundry. Yeah for resolutions, new beginnings and moments of greatness.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Yay for new beginnings and the desire/ambition to get up again when we fall! :)

Followed you here from a MW post. :) Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Love the post Christine. I am brought to this thought - if we never set goals because we are afraid to fail then we will never strive to be great. The growth isn't in whether we succeed or fail. The growth is in the trying. So, yay for resolutions and trying to be better than we are - because eventually we will be! :-)

La Mujer Loca said...

I'm going to keep my new year's resolutions this time . . . most of them:)