Monday, January 12, 2009

A Puppy Saves A Life

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I'm on page 97 of my manuscript for the amazon contest and still working like a crazy lady but heard this story yesterday and had to share it.

A woman at church told of her experience with their first dog. They got this puppy and when it was a few months old, they brought it in for its shots. They took the dog home, and it was whining and acting funny. Finally, they realized it was having an allergic reaction to the vaccination. They rushed it to the vet where it almost died.

Well, they still had more shots in the series, and their apartment manager said they had to have the dog fully vaccinated or it had to go. In the end they got the rest of the shots, and as a precaution the vet gave them a handful of epi-pens just in case. At the time their dog weighed 13 pounds.

The woman said she often felt like it was so unfair. Millions of people own dogs without having so many problems. She felt like it was a horrible trial until the next year when she had her first baby. As she started introducing new foods, she fed her young daughter mac and cheese. The baby started rubbing her eyes and acting fussy so she thought she was tired and put her down for a nap. Soon after she realized it was too quiet and ran in to check on the baby. Her little girl was swollen and having difficulty breathing. Because of her experience with the dog, my friend knew it was an allergic reaction. She ran in the kitchen and got one of her dog's epi-pens.

Now get this, the baby weighed 13 pounds too. The doctor later said it saved the baby's life. I wonder how many times the Lord has given me what I deemed as trials so that I'd be ready for something really important later in life. Wow.


the letter Bee said...

Wow that's interesting! It's wonderful to see the Lord's hand in our lives!

La Mujer Loca said...

You said it, "Wow."
The lesson about trials is true. They prepare us and strengthen us.

Anonymous said...

My oldest Pug is allergic to her shots, too; but our vet always gives her an anti-histimine before he gives her a shot (the ones good for 3-years instead of 1 year). Your friend was incredibly blessed to get these epi-pens that saved her baby's life!