Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last Minute Amazon Contest

So... I finished my book "An Angel in the Family" and am waiting to hear from the publisher. As I think about my year and look at past sales, I know I need to spend more time beefing up my platform. All is good.

But then... I hear about the Amazon Breakout Novel Contest and I'm pumped. I got this idea for a story at the Willamette Writers Conference and I think I can flesh it out. Is a full novel in 33 days possible without totally stressing out your entire family?

Well I'm going to try. From now until February 2nd I'm in writing jail. Will I make it? Today I'm two days into it and have 7,124 words. But are they good???? Wish me luck.


ACS said...

Woot! Go for it! :-)


Anonymous said...

Go, Christine! You're amazing--


Marcia Mickelson said...

Good luck. It can be done, but writing jail sounds about right.