Tuesday, April 8, 2008

General Conference

Alright, I'll admit that although I was there in body for every session of conference, I struggled a little keeping my mind on topic. We watched at my sister-in-law's house with three dogs yapping, six children and the same number of adults all squished in a space a little more than 10x10 there was just too much to distract me.

The parts that did hit home were wonderful. I love Sister Tanner, the General YW Pres., and cried when she was released until they called Sister Dalton who is so incredible! I'm excited for the girls to get to know her better. I also really enjoyed the new Apostle, Elder Christofferson. I was most interested by his comments during the Press Conference when he was asked how he would respond to those people who felt the next apostle should be from a foreign country. He said something to the fact that the apostles job is not like the house of representatives, to present issues of the world to the prophet or to the Lord- he already knows your needs. Instead it is just the opposite, he is called as a special witness of Christ, to make known the will of God to his people. Wow, I never thought of it that way before. Cool!

I loved whoever said that there are many ways to be a mother but that the most important thing is that we love our children and teach them. I'm grateful for Sis. Beck reiterating the standard last conference and thought this talk was a nice balance to that. (I love Sis. Beck and missed her this time.)

Elder Scott talked about abuse and I enjoyed his sensitivity on the subject. Although I have not personally had this issue, I know many who struggle with it and my heart is drawn out to them. I was interested by a friend who felt such comfort from his words encouraging forgiveness. And then adding if you aren't ready to forgive, continue to heal and hope for that day to come.

Ok, I'll confess, I was reading a book and during the last session, I kept sneaking peeks but then I was pulled from its pages by the belly laughs around me and I looked up. It was Pres. Monson and he was being funny! I loved that he would be willing to "let his hair down" so to speak and share his heart with the saints. He has long been my husband's favorite apostle, and I'm grateful to get to know him better.

What a gift it is that we are able to hear the prophet's words even being so far away. As a child we lived in a suburb of NYC and only got one session on the radio. My parents would make us dress in our sunday clothes and listen- it was torture. Now we get to watch all the sessions and it is awesome. What a blessing to live in such a day.

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