Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Not ME!!!

My first book came out last week. I' ve given review copies out and have received some pretty good feedback. I gave copies to many of my friends and neighbors, and even gave a copy to my mother who read it. It's the story of a woman who has moved to a new area and whose husband is travelling. She is lonely, off center and just can't seem to pull it together. Through some incredible experiences she meets a woman in a nursing home who helps her during this difficult time and gets Cath back on her feet. But know, this woman is NOT ME!

So my mother finished reading the book and called me to say she really felt my main character had to learn how to put routine in her life, she needed to actually plan weekly meals and get her children to school on time. I'm like, "Mother, it is fiction! This isn't me!" If this poor woman in the story had it all together, she wouldn't need these life-changing experiences. In fact, I don't think there would be a story. Who wants to read about someone whose life it totally under control? Where's the conflict?

After twenty minutes of assuring my mother that this is not an autobiography of my life, I did come away with one positive. In the next "Visiting Teaching Adventure" you will see Cath's growth. She will have a little more routine in her life but the next story is not hers- it's the story of a young mother with an escaping toddler who pulls her out of her little shell, and opens doors she would never have thought to approach. It's going to be a great story.


Anonymous said...

New to you site hope you don't mind - I agree - we often need conflict to learn experience that the Lord wants us to learn. I like to order this book! Send information to goughkag@gmail.com Thanks. Kristeen

Candace E. Salima said...

Congratulations! Having a book out is an exciting thing.